Monday, May 5, 2008

Open source Openspace

Openspace had finally reached a stage of maturity to be released as some sort of alpha-release open source. Justifications:

  1. It had been used as the operating framework for up to 5 major projects to-date.
  2. It had also proven its use in the fast creation of various widgets and tools. (The To-Do list seems like a popular choice)
  3. A pool of developers had emerged to pick it up quite easily and quickly
  4. At least a team of developers within a company with established commercial projects using Openspace had committed to open source contribution

Once the code had been cleaned-up, expect it to be available on Google Projects via SVN. Since this is starting up, we would welcome all forms of participatory help in coding, design and etc. The next stage of development involves things like genericisation (especially DB) and more semantics / ontological features. Would certainly not like to reinvent the wheel, will be glad to merge or join any other project teams if we're heading towards the same direction. Do drop me a mail too for such.

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