Sunday, August 7, 2011 and reviews of PHP Development in the Cloud

The companion website to PHP Development in the Cloud is at

The website contains the source code of examples in the book and other related resources. There's also a list of PHP PaaS that might be useful if you're looking at migrating to these services.
Also, thanks to Jason, Rafael and Michelangelo for the great reviews:

"The book provides an excellent overview of what the cloud is and isn't, and then how PHP developers can leverage it in our applications."

Jason Austin

"Ivo and Vito did a very good job of bringing the topic into a PHP developer’s world in a very concise and objective manner, without leaving important platforms and concepts behind."

Rafael Dohms

"Let me say the book is a fun read. You can take it up to your bedroom as late-night read, read during lunch or even in the garden when the kids are playing about."

Michelangelo van Dam